Be productive, or take a break

Jan Marc
3 min readApr 21, 2023

We all have busy lives and endless tasks to accomplish, but with the right tools, we can maximize our productivity and achieve our goals. That’s where apps come in handy. From simple to-do lists to complex project management tools, there’s an app for everyone.

✅ Tasks

One of my personal favorites is Todoist. It’s a simple yet powerful to-do list app that helps me keep track of everything I need to do. I can easily add tasks, set due dates and priorities, and even create sub-tasks.

But to-do lists are just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, let’s talk about writing. Whether you’re a blogger, copywriter, or just someone who needs to write a lot of emails, there are apps that can help you streamline the process and boost your productivity. One app I recommend is Grammarly. It’s an AI-powered writing assistant that checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation as you write. It also offers suggestions for improving your writing style and clarity.

✏️ Notetaking

Ah, note-taking — a crucial part of productivity and learning. There are many note-taking apps out there that can help you keep your notes organized and easily accessible.

One popular note-taking app is Evernote. It allows you to create notes in various formats, such as text, images, and audio recordings. You can organize your notes into notebooks and tags, and even search for specific keywords within your notes.

Of course, note-taking isn’t just limited to digital apps. Some people still prefer to take notes by hand, and there are plenty of physical notebooks out there to choose from. The key is to find a note-taking method that works best for you and your learning style…

✋ Break

Speaking of breaks, taking regular breaks is actually an important part of productivity. Studies have shown that taking breaks can actually help improve focus, creativity, and productivity. So don’t feel guilty about taking a few minutes to stretch your legs, grab a snack, or simply rest your eyes.

It can actually help you work more efficiently in the long run…

Another app that can help with productivity is RescueTime. This app tracks how you spend your time on your computer or phone, and provides you with a report that shows how much time you spent on various apps and websites. This can help you identify where you’re wasting time and make adjustments to improve your productivity.

There are countless apps out there that can help you boost your productivity, from to-do lists and project management tools to writing apps and time trackers.

The key is to find the apps that work best for you and your unique needs, and to use them in a way that enhances your productivity without becoming a distraction.

So go ahead, download a few apps and see how they can help you achieve your goals.


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